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Ojai, CA

Even when the Boys are clearly goofing around, they are still honing their camera skills in order to keep the Lisa Loftus brand cutting edge.

Sonoma, CA

Lisa and her crew are fun and spontaneous, but this photo is obviously planned, down to the wardrobe. They all agreed to wear standard photo crew black, but Tyler, clearly starved for attention, knew that even in camo, he’d stand out.


You know how when Americans go to other countries and the people there think we are decidedly NOT awesome? This guy is the exception. Here in England, Lisa’s husband Tod is representing America well and who knows, maybe it’ll be Sir Tod one day. For now, he is Lisa’s awesome husband.

Kona, Hawaii

Sometimes we fly Lisa’s husband Tod in because there’s no one to hold her umbrella. Here he is looking relaxed, but what a steady hand. (Handsome too.)

Charleston, SC

Our stylist just went to a seminar on how to be more innovative and shared with us that adorable dogs and cute kids are out. She assured us that people want something fresh and different, like this frog.

Miami, Florida

Out of respect for Lisa (and one not so dehydrated Great Dane), we didn’t capture the incident that occurred right after she took this shot. But if you’re thinking a very large dog sauntered over and peed on the fire hydrant and then on Lisa’s hat, you could be correct. 

London, England

It’s bon voyage for this fed up model. She’s tired of telling animal right’s activists that her vest is faux fur.

Point Reyes, California

Even though Lisa gets just terrible motion sickness, she does what it takes to get the shot. (Then hurls over the side of the boat.)

Pendleton, Oregon

Lisa and her motley crew can be very intimidating, but I’m going to whisper something to you, “they are the nicest photo crew you’ll ever meet and her fellas (AKA, The Boys) are teddy bears…shhhhhh…”

Kona, Hawaii

Lisa thinks she blends in well with the locals, but here she is wearing all black on a beach, carrying an umbrella (people are here for the sun), with a watch on (people don’t care what time it is in Hawaii). I wonder if the locals realize she’s a photographer from the mainland. (They do.)...Read More

Winthrop, Washington

Lisa will do whatever it takes to keep the energy level high during a shoot.

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